Criminal Defense

Have you been charged with a crime you didn't commit? Have you made a mistake that you don't want held over your head for the rest of your life? The criminal justice system is intimidating.  But, you are more than just a case number.  You are worth the fight!

Zanda Myers, Attorney at Law, has successfully defended many cases before juries in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  She has secured not guilty verdicts on Robbery, Strangulation, Drug Trafficking, DUI, Disorderly Conduct, Terroristic Threatening and Menacing.  Having handled cases in 52 of Kentucky's 120 counties, Mrs. Myers has handled well over 1,500 cases in her 17+ years of experience as a trial attorney.  She is a graduate of the National Criminal Defense College Trial Practice Institute and a member of the Kentucky Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.  From simple misdemeanors to capital murder cases, Mrs. Myers will work hard for you.


Zanda Myers
Attorney at Law

In the pursuit of justice, the defense never rests.


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